401 challenge

An amazing day today when Grantham welcomed Ben Smith to do his 247th marathon in 247 days. He is aiming to get to 401 in total. This is already a world record and he is breaking it every day. Details are here

Ben is raising money for Kidscape and Stonewall and is already at £50,000 (only £100,000 to go!)



There was an amazing turnout of both school children to support Ben and runners from GAC, GRC and Belvoir Tri clubs. Ben visited 19 schools running around their  playgrounds or fields with the children and was welcomed by their Sports Ambassadors.  It appears that Ben has raised something like £2500 today which is testament to the organisation of the whole event. Many thanks to Inspire+ and Paul Davidson (our road running Captain) who brought the whole project to the club and who has liaised with all other parties. Ben has posted many videos from today’s events on his facebook page. 

We were also able to hand over a cheque for £350 from the Little Apple run at the Newton’s Fraction to the 401 challenge. A wonderful day and one of which Grantham as a town should be proud.


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