Results Lincs League – Match 2

Twenty-seven members of Grantham Athletic Club took part in the second Lincolnshire League meeting at The Meres stadium on Sunday, producing some very good results despite the conditions.

The under-13 girls’ and boys’ competition included a quadrathon, with Mary Justice winning the 100m, 200m and shot put, and second in the long jump. There were also good performances from Rachel Justice, Ella-Rose Hobday and Sophie Hamilton, with Sophie winning in the discus and javelin.

In the under-15 girls’ 100m, Jessica Oates produced a time of 13.8sec, following up with a close second place in the 200m.

An in-form Abbie Byron in the under-17 girls’ had three first places, in the 200m, 300m hurdles and an awesome 8.63m in the shot put. The under-17 girls had a good day with first places in nearly all events.

In the senior women’s throws, Helen Gilbert was first in javelin and shot put, and second in discus. Laura Evans won the discus and was second in javelin and shot.

Despite a nervous start to his first competition, under-11 boy Iman Abdulrahman need not have worried as he won the 80m and was second in the 150m.

In his first competition of the year, under-13 Harry Denton produced first places in the 200m, 1500m and discus, and finished second in the long jump. Still at primary school but competition at under-13, Ronnie Davey won the long jump and was third in both 100m and 200m.

Owen Penton-Voak won discus, javelin and shot at under-20 whilst, in senior men, Chris Bainbridge won javelin, was second in shot and third in discus.
Results: under-11 girls, 600m – 5 Megan Tremain 2:31.1; whizzer – 2 Megan Tremain; long jump – 7 Megan Tremain 2.25.

Under-13 girls, 100m – 1 Mary Justice 14.5, 5 Rachel Justice 15.6; 200m – 1 Mary Justice 30.7, 5 Sophie Hamilton 34.8, 9 Ella-Rose Hobday 39.7; 800m – 4 Ella-Rose Hobday 3:11.1; discus – 1 Sophie Hamilton 20.35; javelin – 1 Sophie Hamilton 20.84, 3 Rachel Justice 5.55; long jump – 2 Mary Justice 3.52, 5 Rachel Justice 3.25; shot – 1 Mary Justice 5.68, 2 Rachel Justice 5.17, 6 Ella-Rose Hobday 3.39.

Under-15 girls, 100m – 1 Jessica Oates 13.8; 200m – 2 Jessica Oates 28.9, 6 Isobel Hobday 33.8; 1500m – 3 Isobel Hobday 5:29.0; long jump – 7 Isobel Hobday 3.11.

Under-17 women, 200m – 1 Abbie Byron; 1500m – 1 Saskia Hunt 6:02.4; 300m hurdles – 1 Abbie Byron 53.8; discus – 1 Gabbie Lord 15.36; high jump – 1 Eve Jacobs 1.48; javelin – 1 Gabbie Lord 7.66; shot – 1 Abbie Byron 8.63, 3 Gabbie Lord 6.11; triple jump – 1 Eve Jacobs 8.83.

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