Lincs League Match 3 – Sunday 10th July

Our next match is on Sunday at The Meres Stadium. This is the third match in this season’s Lincolnshire League and for all age groups from Under 11s upwards.

If you have not already signed up at the club, please add the events you want to do in the comments section below. We will then pass them onto Dave Eldridge, team manager. It would be great to see a big turnout, particularly with our younger athletes. Let’s see how many Under 11s we can get!

Match 3 Track Match 3 Field


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2 opinions on “Lincs League Match 3 – Sunday 10th July”

  1. Lincs League on Sunday

    Peter Braybrook u13 B 200m 800m Long Jump Relay

    Helen Braybrook u15G 200m 800m Javelin Relay

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