New Kit – Order Oct 18th For Xmas

With huge thanks to Jo McGrath, we have been able to source our new kit early and in time for Christmas rather than the start of next season. We have done this as we think they will make great Christmas presents. We have worked very hard to design a new kit with vests, skins, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. There is also an option to have your name put onto the sweatshirt.


The kit is available on a bespoke web site

Zeon have a very good reputation for the quality of their kit and are used by many other clubs.

Jo has worked very hard to turn this round and if you want to order before Christmas  the deadline is 18th October.

There will be size samples available at Monday and Wednesday training sessions but please use the size chart on the web page. If you want to try sizes in time for a Christmas order you will need to come to training this week.

All payments are to the online shop so you do not need to bring money to training. We will have the kit delivered to the club to save on delivery and postage.


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