Cross Country Match 2 – Belton House Sun 06/11/16

Following on the great runs at Bourne Woods, the second match hosted jointly between GAC and GRC will take place this Sunday. Please see below for details and maps.

Arrival: Enter the grounds through the main entrance off Belton Lane, Belton and proceed to the car park, there will be parking attendants that will guide you were to park. After parking please all enter the grounds via the Visitors Reception. Those with National Trust Membership please show your membership card here and you’ll be provided with the normal day pass sticker, those without please mention you are here for the Cross Country and you’ll be issued with a sticker of a different colour. National Trust Members obviously have access to all the facilities, non-members have access to the grounds where the Cross Country will take place and the toilets.


All non-members are requested to vacate the grounds by 13:30, otherwise you may be charged the entrance fee.

Note: There is an electric fence surrounding the cricket oval, there will be two entrances/exists to enable you to reach the start and finish areas. Food & Drink: The Stables Café will be serving its usual teas/coffees, cakes etc. Bertie (mobile) will also be positioned by the cricket pavilion and serving a variety of teas and coffees along with bacon or sausage cobs. Please do not bring your own hot drinks.


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