Lincolnshire Cross Country League – Match 3 Sun 20/11/16

Match 3 of the Cross Country League will take place on Sunday morning (20th November) at Castledyke, Boston, PE22 7BW.











11:50 U11 Boys & Girls 1 small lap 1420m
12:00 Jun/Sen/Vet Men 4 large laps 10160m
12:35 U13 Girls 1 large lap 2540m
12:45 U13 Boys 1 large lap 2540m
13:00 U15 Girls 1 small & 1 medium lap 3360m
13:10 U15 Boys 1 medium & 1 large lap 4480m
13:15 U17 Ladies 1 large & 1 medium lap 4480m
13:30 Jun/Sen/Vet Ladies 3 medium laps 5820m
13:45 U17 Men 3 medium laps 5820m


Please note that there will be no cooked food available this year.

There will be other items such as chocolate bars, tea, coffee and cold drinks.








We hope to see you there!

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