Helped Needed Please!

Dear all,

We have had three very good matches so far this season and it has been so lovely to welcome new members to the club since April.

As a committee, we find ourselves in a position where we are seeking to develop what we can offer as a club but much of this is limited by the capacity we have. As a result, we are putting out a call for volunteers to help us in different parts of the club.

There are a range of roles which we need help with over coming weeks. We have tried where possible to put likely time implications for these roles. Some are short periods of time such as helping serve at the tuck shop at home matches or the county champs. This brings in much-needed money to the club to keep costs down and buy equipment. Others are ongoing but with small amounts of time given up each week or month.

We are grateful for any help given as it can only help the club grow and flourish

Saturday 13th May –  Tuck Shop. Volunteers needed through the day to sell sweets and drinks. Slots tend to be just over an hour. If you can help whilst your child is warming up or after their race, that would be fantastic.

Tuck shop  at the Northern league home match on June 4th at the Meres. (75 minute slots)

Website – we run a WordPress-based blog for our website and need someone to upload new stories and information. This will not usually require writing anything but uploading reports from team managers, coaches or the committee. (30 minutes a week) We do have someone who will oversee the maintenance of the site and any structural issues this is purely posting information.

Coaching – The sessions on Wednesday nights run from 6 pm – 7 pm and we are always on the lookout for volunteers to support us with this session. It could be collecting the money through to helping with coaching specific activities. (1 hour a week)

Organising meet ups between and after matches – one area of the club we would like to develop is the social side. In the past, we have bowling matches, meals out and barbecues. It would be great if some of our younger members or parents would take on organising a couple of events over the summer for club members to get together at

Support for YDL matches. Jo McGrath is currently running both teams so any support particularly for the Upper Age Group would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers at matches – Each match that we compete in requires us to put forward officials and helpers. If your child is competing and you are happy to brush the sand in the long jump, collect the shot put or hammers with other members of our club officiating team in one event please let your team manager now. (One event per match)

Many thanks for considering this. If you can help, please either speak to one of the coaches, the front desk when signing in or by comment on this.

A quick reminder that it is the County champs  on this Saturday 13th May  at The Meres. You will be able to pick up your numbers if you are competing from the tuck shop. This is a great chance to see more strong performances to follow up the recent YDL and Northern League matches.

Bill Lord

Chair GAC


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