Northern League Update

Northern League team manager Philip Garner will be reviewing athlete’s recent performances before selecting athletes to compete in the upcoming Northern League matches across a number of events. The club encourages athletes to compete and also try new events to ensure Grantham Athletic Club can put forward a strong team. In particular, U17s, U20s and seniors are being sought for the team. Please note that U17s can compete in track and jumps.

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2 opinions on “Northern League Update”

  1. Hi Phil, Rori didn’t check tonight but thinks he may have been put down to run on Saturday. He can’t run on Saturday as he is at school sports day. Just thought I ought to drop you a note just in case he has been put down. I had mentioned he struggles with Saturday’s as he does go to school usually on a Saturday, but he is fine for the Sunday meets.

    1. Hi Sue,

      I’ve forwarded this on to Phil’s email address for his attention.



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