Caroline and Ian Richards Leave GAC

Caroline and Ian Richards retired as coaches from Grantham Athletic Club on 5th September after 21 years of service. The Richards became involved in the club when their children were members, starting off helping out here and there before becoming invaluable to the club. Their children grew up and moved on, but Ian and Caroline stayed on as coaches. Over the years they have passed on their expertise and advice to hundreds of athletes and have officiated at hundreds of events, ensuring that they ran smoothly.

At a presentation held after Wednesday training with a strong turnout of members and supporters to wave them off, the couple were presented with a Ravenscroft cut-crystal glasses and decanter set by the club. Vice-Chair Philip Garner expressed the club’s thanks for their dedication and expertise, and our best wishes for the future but also our sadness that they’re leaving.

The couple thanked members for their kindness and remarked that the past twenty-one years had been highly enjoyable, with only the occasionally bumpy moment along the way. Their retirement leaves a gap in the coaching team. Ian took the opportunity to encourage the next generation of volunteers and coaches to get involved.

While Ian and Caroline will now take a step back from the club, we’ll look forward to the next time we see them, and our very best wishes for the future go with them both.

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