Northern League Results

Results for the first North of England Track and Field League match are now available from their website at this link.

16 athletes (9 Men and 7 Women) ran, jumped and threw for the club across 40 events securing eight 1sts, thirteen 2nds, eleven 3rds, six 4ths, one 5th and one 6th for a total of 277 points. Team manager Philip Garner had this to say:

Well done everyone. Where we competed we performed well, despite a few people carrying injuries and a number of first-timers to the Northerns (welcome).

The team result was going to be challenging with 24 events not competed for by the club. On the day Grantham was 6th.

We will need to secure extra 40-50 points in each of the next three League matches in order to stay in this league. I look forward to the return of the students who are taking exams and the return to form of athletes for the better.

The next League match is the 16th June at Chesterfield. Please put it into your competition diary.



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