Summer Training Schedule

Due to coaching availability over the summer holidays period, there will be no junior training during August. This means the final 18:00 – 19:00 Wednesday session for juniors will be on the 31st July, and will recommence at the same time on Weds 4th September, before moving indoors in October.

We are also stopping the Monday training sessions 7-8:30 pm after 22nd July until they recommence indoors for the winter session, 19:00 – 20:30pm on Monday, 7th October in the Meres.

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2 opinions on “Summer Training Schedule”

  1. Hi there

    If i wanted to bring my kids to Athletics next year, can we just turn up to the Wednesday training session? Is it a pay as you go arrangement or do we need to join?


    1. Hi Ben,

      You can have four taster sessions (currently £3 each) before we ask people to join.

      Visit to discover when our next training session is and the cost (we would suggest Wednesdays at the Stadium are the best sessions for newcomers during the summer season, Mondays at the Meres during winter (and we’ll be updating info on the Winter training schedule soon) and come along and say hello!

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