Northern League Round Up

Greetings – a round up on the Northern League for this Summer,

A big thank you to athletes, coaches and parents who ventured over to blustery Boston to compete in the 4th match of Division 3EC. With absences, illnesses and injuries 13 athletes ran, jumped and threw across 39 events knowing that keeping as close to Boston’s home performance would mean Grantham would stay in this Division for next year; Boston would need to be 1st on the day and Grantham 6th for Boston to stay up

28 events were uncontested by GAC, this included the cancellation of the Hammer, Discus and High Jump on the day as the wind made it unsafe to compete. Watching the high jump bed fly down the infield towards the track emphasised the need to consider everyone’s safety.

Where we competed we did well: x8 firsts, x11 seconds, x9 thirds, X6 fourths, X3 fifths and x2 sixth places overall placed us in fifth on the day, with Lincoln & Wellington comfortably winning on day ahead of Boston.

Overall, across four matches GAC secured a sixth, third, first and fifth position per match to get a fourth place in the Division.

Congratulations to Lincoln & Wellington to win the Division, and Chesterfield going second to secure the second promotion slot.

Third was Skyrac. Our condolences and prayers for club members and the family of one of their club managers who tragically died last week.

Boston was fifth and Scunthorpe sixth. These clubs are relegated to 4EC.

Across the Summer many competed for the club and supported our efforts. Many thanks.

Philip Garner
Northern Team Manager

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