GAC YDL Team Co-ordinator Needed

We need your help.

Every summer, Grantham Athletic Club competes in the lower age group of the Youth Development League, or YDL. YDL is an opportunity for our younger athletes to get experience of competition in a low-stress environment. The YDL runs competitions for club teams at under 13 and under 15 ages. Matches take place over three weekends across the summer months, and we compete as part of a composite team also including athletes from Bourne, Sleaford and Newark called the Notts Lincs Alliance.

For the past few years, Jo McGrath has been the overall manager for the Notts Lincs Alliance, but is stepping back to concentrate on other opportunities. A manager for the composite team will be appointed from one of the other teams, but we need someone to volunteer to look after the GAC athletes. This means acting as a contact point for the athletes prior to matches and co-ordinating them in getting to the matches on the day. This means that you’re likely to be the parent or guardian of someone wanting to compete in YDL. Jo says the job is pretty simple and mainly involves knowing the details of upcoming matches and being a bit of a familiar face to youngsters in a new environment.

If this sounds like something you might be able to help with, or for more details please contact Jo on  email or speak to her at Wednesday training.

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