U17s - Woodhall Spa

October Cross Country Report

October saw Grantham AC change its focus from track and field to cross-country and our athletes started the season in style. The Club takes part in two leagues, the Lincolnshire Runner Cross Country League and North Midlands Cross Country League. The results for the October competitions are:-

North Mids XC League

12/10/19 – Derby – 11 GAC runners
U11B – 2km distance. 17th Joshua Lane (4:59)
U13B – 3km distance. 38th Thomas Broadley (14:59)
U15G – 3km distance. 38th Abigail Davis (16:05)
U17W – 5km distance. 24th Elle Hobday (23:09)
U17M – 6kn distance. 15th Harry Denton (23:41)
U20G – 6km distance. 8th Savannah Brook (24:55); 52nd Isabel Hobday (29:12)
SenW – 6km distance. 118th Joanna McGrath (33:10)
SenM – 10km distance. 95th Stephen Hobday (37:28); 233rd Paul Davidson (44:20); 289th Jason Young (51:33)

 Abigal Davis - Derby
Abigal Davis
 Isabel Hobday - Derby
Isabel Hobday
 Jo McGrath - Derby
Jo McGrath
 Savannah Brook - Derby
Savannah Brook
 Stephen Hobday - Derby
Stephen Hobday
 Tom Broadley - Derby
Tom Broadley

Lincolnshire Runner Cross Country League

20/10/19 – Louth – 10 GAC runners
U11B – 1.5km distance. 4th George Pemberton (8:30)
U13G – 3.01km distance. 5th Lara Hindmarsh (16:43)
U13B – 3.01km distance. 5th Thomas Broadley (15:57)
U15G – 4km distance. 4th Sophie Timms (20:21)
U15B – 4km distance. 3rd Jack Pemberton (17:30); 6th William Hindmarsh (19:51)
U17M – 4.51km distance. 3rd Rori Rodell (18:21); 5th Will Bentley (21:30)
SenM – 8.91km distance. 54th Jason Young (51:22); 60th Dave Eldridge (60:30)

27/10/19 – Woodhall Spa – 17 GAC runners
U11B – 1604m distance. 4th Jacob Broadley (7:45); 5th George Pemberton (7:47)
U11G – 1604m distance. 12th Grace Marshall (8:33)
U13G – 2883m distance. 4th Lara Hindmarsh (13:54)
U13B – 2883m distance. 6th Thomas Broadley (13:13)
U15G – 4484m distance. 5th Abigail Davis (22:33)
U15B – 4484m distance. 2nd Jack Pemberton (17:21); 6th Will Hindmarsh (20:14)
U17W – 5766m distance. 1st Helen Braybrook (26:26)
U17M – 5766m distance. 1st Peter Braybrook (21:44); 2nd Ewan Rodell (22:10); 3rd Rori Rodell (22:26); 4th Will Bentley (25:45)
SenW – 5766m distance. 22nd Liz Hindmarsh (33:06)
SenM – 8649m distance. 53rd Jason Young (43:37); 61st Bruce Hindmarsh (46:03); 66th Dave Eldridge (51:51)

 Abigail Davis - Woodhall Spa
Abigail Davis
 Bruce Hindmarsh - Woodhall Spa
Bruce Hindmarsh
 Dave Eldridge - Woodhall Spa
Dave Eldridge
 Liz Hindmarsh - Woodhall Spa
Liz Hindmarsh
 U17s - Woodhall Spa
U17 Men

Competition continues in November with the ECCA National Relays at Mansfield on 02/11/19 (see post), the next North Mids XC League match is on 09/11/19 at Corby, followed by the third Lincs Runner XC match on the 17/11/19 at Belton House.


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