8 Week Training Sessions

Afternoon All,


For everyone wanting to take part in the 8 week training package please contact Stacey or Jackie to fill the remaining positions. Long jump and throws are very much available.


For access to the Stadium on Wednesday please use the large gates near the roundabout at the rear of the stadium and remember to maintain your social distance.

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6 opinions on “8 Week Training Sessions”

  1. Hi Jackie,
    Both my sons Jonathan and Ekene will like to do Sprints training.
    I have your email address so sent this message via email but got an automatic reply.
    Please kindly send me Stacey’s email, so I can forward this email to her too.

    Many thanks,

    Mum: Angela Esiwe

    1. Morning Angela,

      Staceys email can be found on the contacts page.

      Thank you.

      1. Thanks, I have checked and Stacey’s email address is .
        Jackie has kindly replied to my email also.

  2. Hi Chloe Daybell (14yrs) would LOVE to attend – she has shown some huge natural talent with Middle distance & we are keen to finally tap into this.
    Keeping everything crossed that you can fit her in. Many thanks


    1. Good morning please contact Stacey or jackie using the links in the contacts page to see if there are any positions available.

      Thank you


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