Junior training

Junior training has moved from Wednesdays outside to Mondays inside starting 4 Oct 21. Training will be located in the Meres main hall and will be from 1800 -1900.

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10 opinions on “Junior training”

  1. Hello sanchez can make Mondays sorry he already has a club , could he return in the summer again though as he really loved it ?

    1. Of course he can, we look forward to seeing him in the summer. Please keep an eye on the website and/or facebook for when we go back outside.

    1. Good morning Celia,

      Yes there is space and the time is 1800 on Mondays at the Meres Leisure Centre in the main hall.The price is £3 a session payable in advance via bank transfer.
      If you are intending to come along please email honsec4gac@hotmail.co.uk.

      1. Hi there,

        Interested for my 10 year old son! What does athletics club entail please? And have you any spaces left?

        Many thanks, Sam

        1. Good morning Sam,

          For a 10 year old your son could either join the juniors on a Monday to try a variety of sports hall activities including long and triple jump, sprint relays and throwing. Or he may like to join the Wednesday senior sessions which are your more traditional athletics where he could try distance running, sprints, throwing and jumping.

          Any further questions please feel free to contact us.


  2. I have an 11 year old daughter interested in training. Do the juniors train on a Wednesday evening or just Monday?

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply! If you have a chat with Dave or Chris (Coaches) on Monday, they’ll be able to advise whether Wednesday evenings is suitable for your daughter.


  3. Hi, my ten year old daughter is interested in track and was wondering what days/times you train?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Cara,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      Training times are every Wednesday evening 1900 – 2030.

      The price is £3 per session.

      We hope to see you soon.


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