National Cross Country Relays Report

This event took place on Saturday 6th November 2021 at Berry Hill Park, Mansfield. This event has been held here for a number of years given its central location in the country. With top flight athletes who compete for the UK, over 70 teams entered from across the UK from the southern point of  Cornwall … Read more National Cross Country Relays Report


Exciting News for Road Running and Track Sessions You may have noticed we have been slowly getting more and more GAC and GRC runners joining the middle-distance group on Wednesday night training on the track. As from the 19th of May Grantham Athletic Club (GAC) and Grantham Running Club (GRC) have entered into a reciprocal … Read more GAC & GRC

Lockdown number 2!

Dear Athletes, parents, coaches and volunteersFurther to the government announcement of the second lockdown Grantham Athletic Club has had to cease all forms of training whether track based or alternative outside venues (cross country) in line with the guidance issued by England Athletics ( will recommence training the first Wednesday following the lifting of lockdown, … Read more Lockdown number 2!