Chip Timing

For 2022 we are using  re-susable eco tags that are attached to the shoe.

The IPICO Sportag™ chip timing system.

The IPICO Sportag™ is a durable, shoe-mounted plastic tag that is approximately half the size of a credit card and unlike other timing chips does not suffer from the interferences such as those from the human body etc .

The tags are specially designed with a single microchip and two separate antenna loops. One of these ‘wakes up’ the tag whilst the other sends out a signal. When the IPICO Sportag™ passes over one of the timing mats, the tag ID and exact time of passing are recorded.

You must wear the IPICO Sportag™ correctly to get an official finishing time. If you do not wear your tag, the system will not record your race time and we will be unable to provide you with a finishing time.


  • Please DO attach your Sport Tag firmly to the top of your shoe using the plastic cable tie provided.
  • Please DO NOT lose your Sport Tag. It is re-useable.
  • Please DO NOT put your Sport Tag in your pocket or wear it on your arm
  • Please DO return your Sport Tag after the race

Chip Collection

There will be a team helping to remove chips after you cross the finish line. If you do not finish, please hand your chip to the nearest marshal or post it back to us.

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