Club Kit

Club vests must be worn by a member taking part in a competition.

In order to make purchases cost-effective, the club needs to order each design in bulk, therefore limited windows will be publicised when kit is available to order from our online shop, however, you can view the range and prices (correct at the time of the last available window and subject to amendment) and a sizing chart at: Payment is by card only.

Sweatshirts can be personalised for a small charge – great to ensure your shirt doesn’t get confused with someone else’s!

When a purchase window is open, we need to be able to at least 11 orders of an individual item before the manufacture of that item can go ahead.  If the minimum order is not reached, anyone that had made a payment will be fully refunded. Delivery will take seven weeks from the shop closing date 31 March 22 and will be sent to the stadium for collection on a training night.

The Zeon Shop is currently OPEN.

A limited range of stock is available for purchase from coaches before training at the South Kesteven Sports Stadium on Wednesday evenings. No guarantees can be given that a particular size or style of a given item is available.

Payment may be either by cash or cheque (made payable to Grantham Athletic Club) but on no account will any item of kit supplied prior to payment being made.

Kit is not available on match days. If you arrive for a match without having bought a vest, you will have to borrow one from either a Team Manager (provided they have one available), or another athlete.

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