Northern League 2017

Grantham Athletic Club was able to muster a select, but committed number of athletes to compete in the four league meetings of the Northern League Division 4 East Central, two of which were in Grantham. Overall, the junior/senior/veteran team secured a third place position in the league. With the top two clubs being promoted; the conclusion of the summer is that Grantham Athletic Club remains in Division 4 next season. A mixed result really.

Grantham Athletic Club has had a yo-yo relationship with the Northern League over more than a decade. Back in 2007 the junior/senior/vet team dropped out of Division 3 and into Division 4, the bottom division. Each time that has happened the club has bounced back up by either winning or coming second in the division and returning into Division 3, only to then drop straight out again; most often through the narrowest of margins. One example of this, I recall one year when my car had a tyre blow out on the A1 going north for a league meeting. Missing out on a guaranteed eight points in the Men’s Hammer, the team lost out on an extra higher position that day and an extra match position just by four event points. That year Grantham was relegated by one point difference.

This year for a first in a decade we haven’t bounced back up.


Year Division that Year Result
2005 3
2006 2
2007 3
2008 4
2009 3
2010 4
2011 3
2012 4
2013 3
2014 4
2015 3
2016 4
2017 4

This season the field event athletes in the throws and the jumps were the back bone to the team, with many stepping up with some impressive track performances, as well.

Notable performances for the summer include a cracking 4x400m squad turnout to win a last race of that match; a number of u 17s and u 20s stepping to senior completion, two 60 year olds contributed to making the club competitive. Good results were set in women’s pole-vault, men’s jumps and throws. Across the Hammer, Shot and Discus club records were set and extended during the summer.

The tables below summarise the Men’s and Women’s results by points and events for this year’s matches. The Men’s throws secured between 91-100% of the points available; the Women’s throws 83-97% of the points available across the season. The officials were superior as ever. Congratulations for the performances and commitment.

The Red, Amber and Green (RAG) ratings are my assessments of where we can’t (Red), should (Amber) and do (Green) get the necessary points to be a decent Division 3 club, occasionally pressing for promotion. But we aren’t there yet. Why not? Don’t we have junior, senior or veteran sprinters, hurdlers or middle distance guys and girls to fill A and B positions in a league team for Grantham Athletic Club? If anyone is a little nervous about the level of competition, be reassured in many B events there isn’t the competition!


Looking over last summer’s results it should be possible to select a GAC Dream Team, if you are willing to be selected. Looking through the Power of 10 results we could do with:

This looks good even before I consider any of the u15s moving up to next age group or any new athletes that may appear.


So here is a plea to athletes and coaches – for 2017, please prioritise your schedule for the first three Northern League Division 4EC matches – the first weekends in May, June, July and August. Let us get promotion sorted before the school holidays kick in with the fourth match in early August being a bit of celebration – It has been done before.


Selection invitations will be sent out in April 2017. Be prepared.


Northern Division 4EC Clubs 2017:






Bradford Airedale

Grimsby / Wombwell



Philip Garner

Athlete, Coach, Administrator

Northern Team Manager for 2017.

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