The start line at the inaugural Belton House parkrun

Parkrun Consolidated Weekly Report

Below you will see the latest set of results for GAC members (normally automatically updates on a Sunday);


Consolidated club report

This is a list of members of Grantham Athletic Club who participated at a parkrun on 2017-12-09. The first runner home for each gender is included/emboldened, regardless of club, for reference purposes. The list is presented by parkrun and contains every member registered with us that participated. If a member is missing from this list please contact your member and ask them to change their details with parkrun. We cannot make changes unless they are requested by the person concerned.

Colwick parkrun

A total of 215 runners took part.

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Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 Stephen SHANKS Victoria Park Harriers & Tower Hamlets AC 00:18:47
6 6 Anthony MADGE Grantham Athletic Club 00:20:15
12 1 Lizzy L Unattached 00:20:49

Belton House parkrun

A total of 192 runners took part.

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Position Gender Position parkrunner Club Run Time
1 1 William TUCKER Grantham Athletic Club 00:17:33
5 1 Sue BREWIN Canicross Midlands 00:18:50
6 5 Stephen HOBDAY Grantham Athletic Club 00:18:52
8 7 George HATTON Grantham Athletic Club 00:19:34
16 3 Sophia TUCKER Grantham Athletic Club 00:20:51
20 17 Harry DENTON Grantham Athletic Club 00:21:23
38 32 Alan CARLEY Grantham Athletic Club 00:22:42
72 16 Janice DAVIDSON Grantham Athletic Club 00:25:20
140 95 John ELLERBY Grantham Athletic Club 00:32:01
178 67 Dona HALL Grantham Athletic Club 00:36:20


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