Northern League Division 4EC Report June 2018

Northern League Division 4EC Match #2, Grantham – 3 June 2018

Early in June Grantham Athletic Club hosted the second of the four Northern League matches with clubs visiting from South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.  Being a home match brought some advantage with a number of junior, senior and veteran athletes being available for selection or making their debuts.  Both the men and women’s track teams were strengthened adding to the existing quality of the men’s jumps trio and the near to invincible throws squad.

The combined team effort of the day secured 32 of the available 74 first places, eight seconds and six third places and in doing so amassed 489 points, winning the match 97 points ahead of the second placed team.

Team Results:

1          Grantham Athletic Club          489 points

2          Longwood                               392 points

3          Boston & District                     369 points

There were many substantial performances resulting in 18 personal bests, seven season’s bests and four club records.

On the track Praise Olalere was in magnificent form, in winning both the 100m and 200m races, equalling his personal best and repeating the club record in the 100m.

Helen Braybrook, on her debut, won both her races, 400m and 800m, comfortably.

Will Tucker won both the men’s 800m and 1500m.

In the Field, the men’s jumps trio won six of the seven events they competed in.  The most notable performance in the jumps was a new club record in the Triple Jump for Michael Burr with his final jump of 12.81m.

The men and women’s throws squad maintained their record with a substantial set of wins better than the first match. From a possible 16 wins the team won 14 first places, with a fair sprinkling of PBs and SBs.  Again the most outstanding performances of the day came from Chris Bainbridge who early in the morning smashed his recent Hammer record with a throw of 52.36 m; including three throws over his previous club record.  Then later in the day he putted the Shot twice over 12 metres to a new a club record of 12.27m.

In order for the event to happen many club members and parents stepped up to volunteer on the day and officiate in senior roles across the track and field timetable.  A heart-felt thanks goes out to those who made the meeting run so smoothly.

The third match in July is at Wakefield, with the potential for university students returning and pupils at the end of school exams, it looks good for this momentum to continue.  Onwards and upwards.




100m Men          1A          11.0s     Praise Olalere PB/=CR    2B          11.8s     Mark Atkin PB

100m Women   3A          14.8s     Tasmin Brown,                3B          18.0s     Betty Gash

200m Men          1A          22.5s     Praise Olalere,                  2B          25.3s     Jack Graham PB

200m Women    4A          30.9s     Tasmin Brown,                 3B          37.4s     Betty Gash PB

400m Men          3A          55.0s     Gareth Lee PB,                  1B          57.2s     Joe Holmes

400m Women    1A          63.5s     Helen Braybrook PB,       3B          84.3s     Betty Gash PB

800m Men          1A          2:06.9    William Tucker,                2B          2:09.4    Gareth Lee  SB

800m Women    1A          2:30.7    Helen Braybrook,             1B          3:08.2    Betty Gash PB

1500m Men        1A          4:25.3    William Tucker,                1B          4:30.2    Rori Rodell  PB

1500m Women  3A          6:24.8    Betty Gash PB,                  2B          6:43.3    Joanna McGrath PB

3000m Women  6A          13:45.2 Isobel Hobday,                  4B          17:36.5 Kate Marshall PB

5000m Men        7A          19:17.7 Arthur Short SB,               4B          19:33.2 Dean Houlton

110mH Men       1A          19.4s     Mark Atkin,                        1B          20.9s     Michael Burr PB

3000mSC Men   4A          11:54.6 George Hatton PB,

4x100m Men      2             47.3s     Grantham

4x100m Women 6           74.1s     Grantham

4x400m Men      1             3:44.9    Grantham



HJ Men                 1A          1.90m    Michael Burr SB,                             1B          1.70m    Joe Holmes PB

PV Men                4A          2.30m    Mark Atkin PB

LJ Men                 1A          5.97m    Michael Burr,                                   1B          5.33m    Mark Atkin

TJ Men                 1A          12.81m Michael Burr PB/CR,                      1B          10.84m Mark Atkin

SP Men                1A          12.27m Christopher Bainbridge   PB/CR,  1B          10.14m Mark Atkin

SP Women          2A          8.99m    Helen Gilbert,                                   1B          6.78m    Sarah Garner

DT Men                1A          37.32m Christopher Bainbridge   SB,         1B          25.52m Philip Garner

DT Women          1A          23.30m Laura Evans SB,                               1B          21.20m Helen Gilbert

HT Men                1A          52.36m Christopher Bainbridge   PB/CR,  1B          31.02m Philip Garner

HT Women         1A          36.94m Helen Gilbert SB,                            1B          27.25m Sarah Garner

JT Men                 1A          44.63m Michael Burr PB,                             1B          37.46m Joe Holmes PB

JT Women           2A          27.91m Helen Gilbert,                                   1B          21.87m Laura Evans SB


PB – Personal Best

SB – Seasons Best

CR – Club Record


Philip Garner – Northern Team Manager


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