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Grantham Athletic Club’s Annual General Meeting will take place on 27/11/18 at Gonerby Social Club, Great Gonerby, starting at 7 pm. Map.

The AGM is an opportunity for all club members to influence how the club is run and vote for officials and constitutional changes, and if that wasn’t enough inducement, Vice-Chair Philip Garner will buy a drink for everyone that comes along!

At the AGM, the following business is considered:

  1. Receiving the Annual Report (Chairman)
  2. Receiving the Financial Report and Club Accounts (Treasurer)
  3. Considering any amendments to the Constitution, including changes to the Annual Membership subscription
  4. Electing the Club Officers and Management Committee members
  5. Electing Life Members, if proposed
  6. Electing the Auditor (who will not be a member or relative of a member of the Management Committee or a club member
  7. Transact any other notified business

All fully paid up members over the age of 18 are entitled to vote at the AGM.

Amendments to the Constitution

Suggested amendments to the Constitution should be submitted to Club Secretary Jackie Bainbridge by midnight on 07/11/18.

Elected Club Roles

If you would like to be considered for an elected club role, you will need to complete a nomination form and return it to Club Secretary Jackie Bainbridge by midnight on 07/11/18. Anyone seeking nomination will require a proposer and seconder from Club members at the AGM before they can enter into the vote.

The roles to which a member can seek election are as follows:


  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Management Committee:

  • Coaching representative
  • Official’s representative
  • Membership secretary
  • Athlete welfare and health and safety representative
  • Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Running representatives
  • Communications lead
  • Youth representative (under 25 years)

The Vice-Chair is voted for by the management Committee at a subsequent meeting.

Life Membership

At the AGM the Club has the opportunity to award life membership where considered appropriate. Nominations for this recognition are also sought and need to be made by email to the secretary by midnight 7.11.18.

Documents for the AGM are below:

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