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The Zeon Store is open for kit purchases until 31st March. The store with the full range of styles and sizes can be found at

We would strongly advise that before buying online, members check what we have available at the Stadium, as this may enable you to purchase direct from the club with cash or cheque at the next Wednesday training session rather than waiting for delivery.

See below for what’s held at the Stadium at the time of writing, but obviously this may change quickly as people order. Only sizes we have stock for are shown below but rest assured the other sizes are available – just check the online shop if yours isn’t shown!

 Kit Type Size In Stock at Stadium
Vests Kids 9-10 years 6
7-8 years 6
Women Size 4 1
Size 6 2
Size 8 2
Size 10 2
Size 12 1
Size 14 3
Size 16 1
Men 2XS 3
XS 3
L 5
XL 3
T-Shirts Kids 9-10 years 1
13-14 years 3
Women Size 6 2
Size 8 2
Size 10 2
Size 12 1
Men 2XS 1
XL 1
Croptops Women Size 8 1
Size 10 3
Size 12 3
Size 14 2

Payment and contract for the online shop is with Zeon not Grantham Athletic Club. Exchanges for garments purchased in incorrect sizes are not possible. Payment is made online through the normal card payment means, delivery is free of charge, kit arrives in approximately 7 weeks. We’ll contact you when kit is delivered for collection from the stadium.

Popular items include the North Bay hoodie, t-shirts and vests. If the minimum order quantity of 11 per item (e.g. t-shirts, vests etc) isn’t met, manufacture of that particular item will not go ahead, and a refund will be issued by Zeon.

Members are reminded that competition vests are needed if athletes intend to compete.

Hoodies can be personalised free of charge, and samples of hoodies, t-shirts and vests are available to look at before purchase at the stadium during Wednesday training.

If you have any questions, Jo McGrath would be delighted to assist you.

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