Kit Order

GAC Club Kit Order reminder. The deadline for kit orders has been extended to the Sunday 12th Feb 2017 Please follow the link to access the store Please note once this order window is shut we will not have another opportunity to purchase kit until the end of the summer, so if you intend … Read more Kit Order

Break for End of Summer Season

From our coaches: As the summer season comes to a close, there is a need for a rest, reflection and restock. For sprinters, jumpers and throwers the last two weeks of September are our official break, no Monday or Wednesday.  Last training will beSeptember 14th.Training for middle distance continues throughout September, as they have had … Read more Break for End of Summer Season

Club Kit

Club vests must be worn by a member taking part in a competition. In order to make purchases cost-effective, the club needs to order each design in bulk, therefore limited windows will be publicised when kit is available to order from our online shop, however, you can view the range and prices (correct at the … Read more Club Kit

Contact Us

Main Contacts: For general enquiries, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page. President: Dave Eldridge Chair: Phil Garner Vice-Chair: Vacant Role Secretary: Jackie Bainbridge, Tel: 01400 230881 Treasurer: Vacant Role Membership Officer: Jackie Bainbridge, Tel: 01400 230881 Communications Officers: Chris Baker Cross Country Captain: Dave Eldridge Road Racing Captain: Keith Measures … Read more Contact Us